Sparta Solutions
A Division of
International Labor Relations

Our Experts

SPARTA is a highly specialized firm comprised of

  • Labor Attorneys

  • Former Government Agents

  • Former Labor Union Officials

  • Scientists

  • Engineers

  • Law Professors

  • Former Environmental Agency Leaders

  • Arbitrators

Our Experience

SPARTA’s elite team of professionals can help your company through the toughest fights, such as:

  • Labor Disputes

  • Work Stoppages

  • Strikes

  • NLRB Union Elections

  • Unfair Labor Practice Charges

  • Security Breach

  • Hacking and Data Theft

  • Industrial Espionage

  • Cyberwarfare

  • Hostile Takeovers

  • Social Media Attacks

  • Corporate Campaigns

  • Strategic Project Campaigns

  • Class Action Lawsuits

  • Injunction Orders

Our Opponents

These men and women have dedicated their professional lives to defending companies from any and all threats that exist in the modern 21st century, Including:

  • Organized Labor

  • Political Organizations

  • Environmental Groups

  • The Media

  • Governmental Organizations (Both Foreign and Domestic)

  • Computer Hackers

Sparta Solutions