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Sparta’s Strategic & Effective Strategies For Modern NRLB Campaigns

Core Values

If maintaining a direct relationship with each and every one of your employees is your goal, then let SPARTA’s trained professionals teach your staff the most advanced techniques in the art of positive employee relations, as well as union avoidance. SPARTA’s dedicated team of men and women who teach these techniques are former union organizers themselves, former union staff representatives, former union Board Agents (BA) as well as former National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) government agents. These professionals have honed their skills to not only train your staff but also to deliver real-time industry knowledge to make sure you know where your company stands when it comes to union avoidance.

But what if your company has received an NLRB notice that your employees will be voting on the option to be represented by a labor union? SPARTA cut its teeth on NLRB campaigns, developing the most efficient and effective strategies used in today’s modern NLRB elections. With literally thousands of victories under our belt in all industries and all geographic regions of the world. SPARTA’s battle-tested methods are proven to work. Let SPARTA show you how not only to win your election but also teach your staff advanced techniques for union avoidance to ensure your company never goes through a union election again.

Our Services

  • Legal Representation

  • Escrow Services

  • NLRB Representation

  • Labor Consulting

  • Direct Persuasion

  • Dept. of Labor Representation

  • OSHA / EEOC Representation

  • On-site Audits

  • Campaign Consulting

Company History

SPARTA has a history rich in fighting alongside companies during their toughest times. Our professionals have developed the experience and instincts your company needs through countless battles with labor unions, computer hackers, government agencies both foreign and domestic, environmental groups, political organizations as well as individuals who sought to ruin our clients’ brands or do our clients harm.

SPARTA’s dedicated professionals have the experience to not only guide your company through the difficult times you may be facing but help develop a lasting high-level action plan ensuring your company’s success as well as a proven strategy guaranteeing your company is never left exposed again. SPARTA uses a simple method passed down from our founders: Be aggressive in defense of our clients, smarter than our opponents, and relentless in pursuing solutions. We will outwork our enemies and punish those who seek to harm our clients. Experience the SPARTA Solutions Method™ for yourself. Call SPARTA today for a free consultation with our professionals.

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